Is A Magnetic Car Phone Holder Worth Buying In 2022?

magnetic car phone holder

The Magnetic Phone holder for car is designed to hold your phone while driving. It gives great smartphone accessibility to you for doing essential tasks. You can access your phone while on the road very efficiently while driving your car. 

Is a magnetic phone holder for a car worth your money? It gives you the full independence to operate your phone for various activities. These activities include attending the urgent calls, finding routes on the map, and sending important texts. In this blog post, we will talk about the worth of magnetic phone holders for cars in terms of money spent.

What Is A Magnetic Phone Holder For A Car?

A Magnetic Phone holder for a car is a holder designed to hold the smartphone. These car phone holders are designed specifically to hold the phones during driving under different circumstances. The magnetic holding capacity ensures that your smartphone is placed well before you use it for an essential purpose. They are durable and easy to install in your vehicle.

magnetic phone holder for car

Is Magnetic Car Phone Holder Worth Your Money?

If you are traveling to places that need a GPS enabled every time, then a magnetic car holder can be your lifesaver. A strong magnetic grip of the car phone holder ensures your phone remains in position when the emergency brake is applied.

The demand for a magnetic phone holder rises due to its underrated advantages. We can’t decide the worth of a magnetic phone holder for a car until we know why it is best from other phone holders.

A Strong Magnet For Holding Smartphone

One of the biggest advantages a magnet car phone holder has is its strong magnetic capacity. When you choose ordinary car phone holders, you take a risk on your smartphone. The absence of magnets in these car phone holders can damage your smartphone during emergency brakes on roads. A strong magnet assures the safety of your phone in critical conditions. 

Easy To Install

The magnet car phone holder is easy to install in cars. Due to the strong adhesive, you can install this magnetic phone holder in various car parts. Other adhesive magnetic phone holders can install on the parts of vehicles like a vent, windscreens, etc. You don’t need to use a drilling system while installing these holders in your cars.

Protect Your Phone From Damage

Apart from the outer protection for smartphones, a magnetic phone holder for cars also protects the phone from the inside. They protect your smartphone’s speaker, screen, GPS, and signal from damage. Magnetic interference doesn’t have any adverse effect on your smartphone features. It holds the phone so that the magnetic field has little or no effect on your phone signal.

Can Hold Any Smartphone

Whatever your phone’s company or model, it can hold it in a very protective way. A magnet car holder can hold any smartphone. This cardholder is made for every phone size, weight, and model. The magnetic phone holder can hold a smartphone up to 930 gm in weight. 

Phone Holder For Every Vehicle

Car magnetic phone holder is not just limited to cars or vehicles. You can use it in any other place as well. These phone holders work fine anywhere. It means you can use these at the places where you have constant use of your phone. Magnetic phone holders for cars cover various places like the kitchen, fitness centers, and even bathroom mirrors.

Can A Magnet Car Phone Holder Damage The Phone Battery?

People have the myth about the magnetic car phone holders that damage smartphones’ batteries. The strong magnetic field it creates around your phone doesn’t mean it damages your battery health.

If you have this myth too, let us clear you about the effect of a magnetic phone holder on the phone’s battery. The truth is that a Magnetic phone holder for a car doesn’t cause any damage to the battery of your smartphone. As you know, most smartphones already have magnets inside them. Many people reported a low battery percentage while using the car magnetic phone holder. 

This decline in the battery is due to the continuous usage of navigation tools like GPS, which takes a lot of battery. When you travel to the people where network signals are poor, various GPS services use a continuous phone battery to find signals.

How Does A Magnet Car Holder Protect Your Smartphone?

A magnet car holder also protects the entire smartphone from damage, apart from your smartphone’s battery. Here are the other things a magnetic car holder saves from damage.

Phone’s Speaker

Speaker is an essential part of any smartphone to receive hands-free calls while driving. When you use a magnetic phone holder for a car, it creates a small magnetic field around the smartphone. This magnetic field is located near the phone center, while your speakers are located on the edges. This way, this field doesn’t affect the speaker of your phone.

Phone Screen

The easiest way to check the screen affected by the magnet is to place a magnet on the phone screen. If the image is not distorted, the magnet won’t affect the smartphone screen. The older, bigger smartphones are more susceptible to magnetic interference. Today’s smartphones are light in size and come with an IPS LED screen with no interference from the magnets.

The GPS Of The Phone

A GPS is a navigational service system that works on satellite signals. These navigational services depend on satellites to provide geographical location and time. The magnetic field can’t affect these services as they solely depend on geomagnetic forces.

Signals Of The Phone

When you use your phone to communicate with your friend who lives in a different city, a phone uses radio signals to transmit messages in the form of digital signals. Moreover, your smartphone signals are transmitted with the help of a huge network of cell towers. The radio waves it uses are immune to the magnetic fields. As a result, your cell phone signal works fine when using the magnetic phone holder for the car.

Phone Apps

Fortunately, all your smartphone apps are safe while using the car magnetic phone holder. The sensors of the smartphone are insusceptible to the external magnetic field. As a result, the apps won’t be affected by this magnetic interference created by the magnetic phone holder. The Apps work fine unless there is a network issue from the external side.


In conclusion, a magnetic phone holder for a car has been a useful tool. You will get the guarantee of the protection of your smartphone even in difficult driving situations. The best selling car phone holder is available to provide advance care and protection while driving. The reliability of these magnet car phone holders lets you use your smartphone in a stress-free and easy way.

Additionally, these phone holders are durable, small-size, and easy to install, which cause no damage to your vehicle. So, it’s worth buying a magnet car phone holder in 2022. To buy the best magnet car phone holders, head to My Car Organizers.

We provide the perfect magnetic car phone holder for smartphones. Our car magnet phone holder allows you to perform multitasking with comfort and ease. We also provide other car accessories, such as cleaners and organizers, to create a better driving experience for you. To explore our products, visit My Organised Car.

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