10 Best Quality, Useful & Trendy Car Accessories For 2022

10 Best Quality, Useful & Trendy Car Accessories For 2022

Your car gets you from one place to another but it is more than a normal vehicle. There are a lot of trendy car accessories and gadgets that provide a modern look to your car. These gadgets make our office rides or field trips more comfortable. Some of these car accessories and gadgets are very crucial like Dashcams, Multi-purpose tools, etc. In short, the multi-purpose car accessories might be life-saving for you and your family. Whether your car is old or new, you must use these trendy car accessories to hype up the interiors. Here is the list of best car accessories for new or old cars in 2022. You can purchase these best car accessories for your car online. Please, go through the list of these cool car accessories and buy them to save your time and money by clicking the Buy Now option. You will also get the price details listed below.

Trendy Car Accessories- Indestructible Magnetic 3-in-1 Cable

Cost: $18.99

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It is time to upgrade to the indestructible magnetic 3-in-1 cable that is reliable, compact, and sturdy to power up your devices at any time. The magnetic cable uses Type C, Micro USB, and Lightning connectors to charge your Android, iPhone, iPad, Digital camera, GPS devices, etc. The unique charger design and magnetic ability allow you to charge up from any angle. It is on the list of trendy car accessories 2022.

Indestructible Magnetic 3-in-1 Cable 


The cable head rotates 360-degree, enabling you to power up your devices from any direction. The cable fits into your charging port at one position and angle. The charging head also consists of a small LED indicator that lets you know the position of your charger. The high-quality charging cord measures 39.4 inches in length. You can quickly charge up your devices. It is also one of the Essential Car Accessories For New Cars.

                                       Pros                                      Cons
  • Compatible with different devices                 
  • Round magnetic connector                           
  • Good magnetic strength
  • LED indicator
  • Fast Charging

Trendy Car Accessories- Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Cost: $38.99

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The Bluetooth portable speaker lets the party go on. You can use it for a crisp and clear sound by connecting through any Bluetooth-powered device. You can get up to three hours of sound support in one full charge. The portable speaker is equipped with AUX support and Memory card support. As a result, if you are not using the BlueTooth, then you can also use the Memory card or AUX cable to listen to music. It is on the list of trendy car accessories 2022.

Bluetooth Portable Speaker


The Bluetooth speaker has an IPX6 rating. In other words, it can withstand a few water splashes but do not submerge them into the water. The exterior is covered with water-resistant cloth mesh. The smooth plastic base also provides support. The speaker supports FLAC, APE, AV, MP3 file types. It is one of the Essential Car Accessories For New Cars.

Trendy Car Accessories- Anti-Lost Smart BlueTooth Tracker

Cost: $33.99

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Anti-Lost Smart BlueTooth Tracker helps you locate your backpack, pet collar, car keys, wallet, etc. You can always find your essentials in no time. You can connect your smartphone with the help of the iSearching application. Each BlueTooth tracker is equipped with a CR2032 lithium coin battery. It can also detect tagged items up to 75 feet. The battery lasts for six months on standby mode. It is on the list of trendy car accessories 2022.

Anti-Lost Smart BlueTooth Tracker


The Anti-lost Smart BlueTooth tracker is an excellent gift for busy people. You can use the iSearching application to find something. Tap the button on your application, and it will trigger the alarming sound on the smart BlueTooth tracker. Listen to the sound of the tracker to track your important stuff. The Anti-Lost Smart Bluetooth tracker is also the Best Car Accessories 2022.

Trendy Car Accessories- Retro Player Car Air Freshener

Cost: $30.99

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You can add a music touch to your car by attaching a Retro player car air freshener. Clip it into the air vent and circulate the fresh scents throughout the vehicle. The air freshener is equipped with record detail, textured base, gold magnetic head, and a retro wood design. It will take you back to the era of oldie classics record players. You will also get a premium look because of real metal and wood.

Retro Player Car Air Freshener

Retro Player Car Air Freshener is the Best Car Accessories 2022. It has three unique scents or three fragrance disks. It will provide a fresh feeling from office travel to road trips. The air freshener will also uplift the interior of your car. You can also gift it to your loved ones, old-school jam lovers.

Trendy Car Accessories- Multi-Purpose Folding Shovel

Cost: $59.99

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The multi-purpose folding shovel has twenty-three functions. You can use it for outdoor survival, tree work, garden work, etc. You do not need to bring any hammer, chopper, or shovels for unexpected weather conditions. The shovel has detachable parts, and it folds. You can also use it like a fish spear, hammer, chopper, fire sparker, hoe, survival whistle, rope cutter, bottle opener, saw blade, shovel, and screwdriver. It is on the list of trendy car accessories 2022.

Multi-Purpose Folding Shovel 


The folding shovel is forged from stainless steel and manganese steel. As a result, it can handle tough trenching and digging. All attachments are foldable upto 180-degrees. A multi-purpose folding shovel is one of the Must-Have Car Accessories.

Trendy Car Accessories- Mini USB Disco Light

Cost: $14.99

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The Mini USB Disco Light is equipped with three adapter heads. You can choose your device type between Android, iOS, and Type C. You do not need to install any application to control. The disco light also has a sound-activated sensor. It has seven light modes to change your moods. 

Mini USB Disco Light


You can charge it from smartphones, laptops, power-banks, and wall-outlet chargers. You can also sync the music with these lights and enjoy the RGB lights. There is also no need for a light ball or disco ball. Mini USB Disco light is one of the Must-Have Car Accessories for interior decoration.

Trendy Car Accessories- USB Ceiling Night Light

Cost: $16.99

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You can quickly lighten up the ceilings of your home or car with the help of a USB Ceiling Night Light. It utilizes the bright LED power in a USB plug. You can plug it into any power bank, charger outlet, or laptop. The USB cord is super adjustable, and you can shine it up to 360 degrees. You can also bend it, twist it, or wrap it around. In short, you can control where the light shines by adjusting it. 

USB Ceiling Night Light

You can choose the red or purple color option. The USB ceiling night light has a dial, and you can turn it around to change the patterns and effects. It provides a bright and radiant glow. The light offers nearly endless light for up to 50,000 hours for your car, garage, art project, etc. It is one of the Best Car Interior Accessories for you.

Trendy Car Accessories- Neon Glow Cable

Cost: $26.99

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Use the Neon Glow Cable to light up your car interior in endless forms, ways, and shapes. It is also suitable for room lighting, costume decorations, DIY auto projects, etc. The glow cable is flexible, and you can easily create light-up signs. The lights use electroluminescent lights.

Neon Glow Cable 


The neon glow cable comes with a cable that works as an interface connector. You can connect the controller to the cable and choose the light modes. You will also get a set of three cables, and each cable comes with a controller. Choose between Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue lights. Use the cables to explain your creativity.  It is one of the Best Car Interior Accessories for you.

Trendy Car Accessories- Universal Car Footstep

Cost: $34.99

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The universal car footstep provides safety leverage and prevents accidents. You can use the car footstep to reach the top of your car. The footstep provides excellent stepping support. You do not need to use ladders or step stools. You can hook it up on your car and install or remove it instantly, and you do not need any bolts or screws. 

Universal Car Footstep 


Universal car footsteps are on the list of trendy car accessories. The step tool has a D-shaped ring, and you can stick it out and hook it up. Simply unhook the step and get access to the car rooftop. The universal car footstep also supports up to 440 pounds. It also provides stable support without failure.

Trendy Car Accessories- Rhinestone Steering Wheel Cover

Cost: $34.99

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The Rhinestone steering wheel cover adds a glamorous touch to your car. You can add a touch of elegance with the help of this wheel cover. It will reflect the moon’s light or the sun’s rays. The wheel cover is stitched by experts and uses black polyurethane leather and rhinestones. It is a perfect cover for a princess. 

Rhinestone Steering Wheel Cover 


Rhinestone steering wheel cover is on the list of trendy car accessories. The wheel cover is also designed for steering wheels of 38 cm in dia. Measure and confirm the steering wheel size before making any purchase.


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